Experienced Media Analysts in the news

We spend our days finding, sorting and analysing media coverage for our clients. Sometimes we get a mention or two online ourselves. Below you will find some links to recent media coverage featuring our team. Steph Bridgeman continues her work in Further Education governance, having joined the Nelson and Colne College Board of Corporation, sinceContinue reading “Experienced Media Analysts in the news”

PR measurement services for freelancers

If you are a PR freelancer your favourite topic might not be measurement. We forgive you.  But maybe you need to buy in a bit of measurement and evaluation expertise from time to time. If so, here are some of the services we offer:  

What is it about media evaluation in the spring time?

Blog by Steph I love Google Trends. Its a free tool (if you have a gmail address) which gives you access rich data about search trends. This makes it a great tool for media analysts. If your client’s key marketing campaign is taking place in the summer, but the greatest level of search for yourContinue reading “What is it about media evaluation in the spring time?”