What is it about media evaluation in the spring time?

Blog by Steph

I love Google Trends. Its a free tool (if you have a gmail address) which gives you access rich data about search trends. This makes it a great tool for media analysts. If your client’s key marketing campaign is taking place in the summer, but the greatest level of search for your brand or keyword happens in the spring, maybe you should think about making changes to the timing of your marketing campaign.

Google Trends data reveals something interesting about search patterns for ‘media evaluation’ – the peaks in search tend to happen around March to May:

Media eval search OT

Any ideas why this could be?  It chimes with my experience of April being ‘quarterly month’ – those clients who want quarterly reports eg Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec would typically have their reports delivered in April, July, August and January. But the trends data does not really follow that pattern. Why are there not quarterly peaks in search?

It does point to the fact that we are on the cusp of having another busy period that’s for sure.  If you want to get ahead of the pack and speak to me about media evaluation please call +44 (0)1706 218 174 or tweet the team on @MediaEvalTeam