Search listening for PR measurement

We use AnswerThePublic’s excellent scheduled alert service. This informs the team of emerging Google searches for keywords and phrases of interest. Every two weeks AnswerThePublic automatically refreshes the search for certain keywords on our behalf, compares the range of autocomplete suggestions with what was dominant last time and emails over a list of new searches emerging.

As media analysts, we’re naturally interested in how people search for PR measurement. We are independent consultants without a huge marketing budget competing against global talent in the media evaluation and communications measurement space. Any tips and tricks we can use to make the consultancy’s website more visible to Google without spending money on paid SEO is effort well spent. It’s why our team of freelancers work under the name ‘Experienced Media Analysts’ – enabling us to get on page 1 on Google for the terms ‘media analysts’ without spending a penny with third parties.

This week’s search alert is interesting for several reasons:

  • There has been a rise in the range of new / emerging search terms in the past 2 weeks
  • More of the fresh search terms are relevant to the communications measurement industry (we’ve also found out that PR measurement can be linked to measuring your pulse rate and that the device used for this is called an oximeter; this is one of the hidden joys of media research – your vocabulary can broaden daily.)

Here are some of the new search terms appearing of late:

“how to measure PR efforts”

“measuring PR value”

“PR metric”

“measuring PR”

“PR measurement and evaluation”

What might be prompting this interest in communications measurement this month?  

Our actionable insight from this media intelligence is that it will be worth incorporating some of these terms into our marketing copy so that we stand a better chance of our content being found by people carrying out these searches.

Published by Experienced Media Analysts

We are an experienced collective of freelance media analysts led by AMEC member @stephbridgeman. We work with media evaluation specialists, PR and marketing agencies and in house teams to educate, enthuse, expedite and optimise processes and generate insights relating to media coverage (print/online/social/broadcast). We love #prmeasurement

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